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Drone UAV/LIDAR Mapping

Through our years of prioritizing client service, we’ve realized that accessing quick and accurate information is critically important to our clients. Either by obtaining existing GIS data or utilizing Drone/UAV/LIDAR technology, Crunk Engineering can quickly and accurately compile and present the information that meets our client’s needs. From developers to municipalities and utility service providers, by capitalizing on the latest technologies in data collection and analysis, Crunk Engineering can assist you with your project and business needs.  

Our Drone UAV/LiDAR capabilities allow for safe and efficient capture of highly accurate data and aerial images.  This information can help provide accurate design information, updates on construction progress, visual presentation information and much more.  Crunk Engineering provides FAA licensed drone operators that can serve your needs no matter the location.

Here is what we can provide to our clients:

Colorized Photogrammetry 

Point Cloud Model

Decatur Co Pix4d.jpg
Decatur Co mosaic.jpg

Ortho Mosaic Aerial Imagery that can be zoomed to provide detailed current aerial images

LiDAR Points Cloud

Decatur Co Recap.jpg
Decatur Co survey CAD.jpg

Surface Topography, Hardscape Linework & Aerial in AutoCAD

GIS Services

By utilizing geographic information systems (GIS), Crunk Engineering offers a wide range of services including GIS needs assessment, project management and GIS modeling and analysis.  These services provide solutions to multiple problems and the applications and industries that can benefit from GIS are too numerous to list.  No matter the problem, Crunk Engineering is here to help you find a solution.


List of some of our services:

  • Data Collection/Conversion/Migration

  • Spatial Data Maintenance and Creation

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Urban Planning Applications: Parcel, Zoning, land Use and Transportation Networks

  • Utilities and Communications

  • Water/Wastewater

GIS screenshot 2.jpg
GIS screenshot 1.jpg
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